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We offer unique events and marketing strategies with substance and style.

Urban Fêtes is a lifestyle marketing brand comprised of leading forces in the worlds of entertainment, advertising and new media. Deeply immersed in today’s lifestyle of music, art, sports and fashion, we keep brands connected and engaged with the influential millennial demographic by delivering authentic messaging with compelling events, content and culture cues.

We identify trends in popular culture to create campaigns that speak to our client’s core audience by implementing riveting marketing strategies through live events, social media, digital/technology trends, brand partnerships and public relations. We understand that digital, mobile and social media are driving change in the way brands reach the millennial consumer and utilize innovative methods to elicit authentic engagement through those channels.

Urban Fetes’ Silent Parties have taken the nation by storm and developed the reputation as a new wave of culture – where the audience is in total control of their musical and social environment.

Our Preemptive Apologies For Your Impending Addiction

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We’re incredible at creating an enthusiastic and loyal consumer-base and establishing the brand as a valuable part of the consumer’s everyday life.

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